Thursday, August 13, 2009

Maui and Mama Kitty

Now only if my kids could get along this well...

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hawaii Part 2 (Finally) Kauai

The view from the back of our condo in Kauai was AMAZING.... The flowers and colors in Kauai were beautiful. They call Kauai the Garden Island.
Another pic from the balcony of our condo.

And would never believe the view from the front of the condo after seeing these... it is. Our condo was kinda in the GHETTO of Kauai.

These next pictures were taken while we were on our life raft...AKA the boat Ken made me get on and go out in the middle of the ocean... We went on a trip around the Na'Pali Coast. It was beautiful. The pictures aren't that great because I didn't want to take my good camera on the boat so I bought a cheap water proof camera... But you will get the idea.

This coast line is where they filmed the original King Kong and Jurrasic park. It was amazing. While out on the boat we saw a bunch of whales and dolphins...but of course I didn't have my camera and I was out of pictures on my water proof one...Oh well they were beautiful...

They guy you can see in this pic thought he was

The front of the life boat....

And Casanova again...
I really will try to get the pictures of Kona on here soon. Looking at all of these pics makes me want to go back....

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The BoBo

What a week. BoBo has been sick, really sick. We took her to the insta care on Saturday and the doctor told us she had a very bad ear infection, and pneumonia. He prescribed an antibiotic that should fix both problems and sent us on our way. She has asthma so it seems any time she gets any type of cold it goes directly to her lungs.

Well the cough got worse, the fevers got higher, and her breathing got more labored. And Austin got the cough and fever...yay...

Monday I took them both to the doc...They checked Olivia's oxygen levels and they were at an 82. The doctor checked her into Primary Children's Medical Center. They preformed what is called deep suction...yes it is as disgusting and as awful as it sounds... but it seemed to help. They also did a lung x-ray. It turned out she did not have pneumonia, but she has a virus called metapneumovirus. I have never heard of it either...

But now we are now home, with a perscription for the "suction clinic" and we are doing OK.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Maui Hawaii Part One

Here we are on the plane. Soooo Excited to get to Hawaii. Our trip was in 3 parts. First we went to Maui, then we went to Kauai, then we went to The Big Island.

The view of Maui from the plane.

The view of Maui from the plane.

Our condo in Maui.

Our Condo in Maui. The beach was right across the street.

The view from the back of our condo in Maui.

Another view from the back of the condo in Maui.

On Kamaole Beach. The sand was so soft. No rocks...I loved walking in it with no shoes on.

At sunset on the beach.


On Tuesday it rained HARD. We were supposed to go on a snorkeling cruise but it got cancelled because of the rain so we went on a drive around the northern tip of the island. It was beautiful.

I loved this old church up on stilts.

The road was so narrow in spots out little tiny rental car barely fit on it.

I could have sat and listened to the waves all day. It was the most calming sound I have ever heard.

This old sailboat was out in the Lahaina Harbor.

This tree was in the middle of Lahaina. It was the coolest tree I have ever seen. All of the pictures are of the same tree. It started with the big one above and the limbs would grow vines that came down and they would some how plant themselves into the ground and the same tree had all of these different trunks. It was amazing.

I will post more pictures of our trip tomorrow...I am so tired after our all night trip home I am going to go to bed now.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Free loot...

I just found a post on one of my favorite blogs They are giving away the best free stuff. Just click on the link above and you can enter to win!!!

Friday, January 16, 2009


I think this is always how it happens...I am about to go out of town...Hawaii =~} and I am so busy all of the sudden. No, no, no I am NOT complaining, but now I am will everything be taken care of while I am gone. So much for a relaxing vacation, I am going to be on my phone the whole time. Hmmmmm Ken is gonna kill me. But on the plus side it looks like the market is picking back up. Interest rates are at historic lows and people are finally out buying again. So if you know anyone looking to buy or sell tell them to call me. I can't wait to help them.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

10 Things I Love and Hate

Ok one of my frends stole this post from her friend and now I stole it from her. I think that it is a way fun post so here you go.

Ten things that I love and hate at the same time...

1. Olivia's girly scream
2. Austin's mean face
3. Waiting to open Christmas presents
4. Waiting to give presents
5. Mornings
6. Staying up late
7. Haunted Houses
8. Scary Movies
9. Working across the street from my husband.
10. My Husbands Ambition...